How do online casinos ensure transparent gaming?

Online casinos attract an increasing number of players because it is innovative entertainment. However, one of the reasons why more people choose to sign up to these platforms and participate in gambling is that the best online casinos offer transparent gaming. Next, we’ll explain how they do it.


Betfair Casino Online, one of the most recognized operators in the sector, represents one of the best examples to recognize the legitimacy of a site. First of all, this platform has a license from the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, the body that regulates online gambling activity in Spain. This means that there is an entity dedicated exclusively to verifying that platforms like this one meet the highest security standards to guarantee a fair and transparent game. The DGOJ is in charge of verifying that this and other online casinos take all the necessary measures to demonstrate the legitimacy of their platforms and, therefore, of the games of chance they offer.

Random Number Generator

The second step to ensure a transparent game is to use a random number generator for the results of slots, roulette and any other online casino option. The Random Number Generator, also known as RNG, is a complex algorithm that ensures that players get a different result every time. If the games of chance use the RNG, the player can fully trust that the casino is legitimate, since the results of all their digital entertainment alternatives will be random.

Terms and conditions

In addition to the RNG, the online casino must clearly inform players of its terms and conditions, both for registering on the platform and for the games of chance it offers. The player should know what the verification process will be when registering on the website and what documents the casino might require. In addition, each game must be accompanied by information that indicates the percentage of return to the player, the betting limits and any other information that the user must know before playing. Also, if the casino offers bonuses and promotions, these should also be accompanied by their terms and conditions, so that the player knows exactly what requirements they need to meet to take advantage of them.

Customer service

That an online casino offers a wide variety of means of communication for players to contact the platform is also a guarantee of transparency. For example, Betfair offers support by phone and chat so that its players can communicate quickly and efficiently with agents willing to solve all their concerns. The reason why this shows that the casino is committed to providing transparent gaming is that no matter what the player’s problem is, the operator is always willing to solve it. The license, the random number generator, the terms and conditions and customer support guarantee a transparent game within the online casino.

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