Labouchere Roulette System

Although there are many systems out there to help you win at Roulette, probably none is as famous as the Labouchere Roulette method. Invented over 100 years ago, this method is used by countless expert players who swear that its effectiveness is unmatched.

You may know the Labouchere method by one of its many names, as it is also called the Montante Américaine method, the Cancellation method, the Split Martingale method, or the American Progression method.

Regardless of the name, the Labouchere Roulette method is a way of playing Roulette that will allow you, every time you win, to recover the money lost in the last two spins.

This system works using what is called ”negative progression”, which at first may seem like a bit of a strange concept. However, once you start trying it out at an online casino, you’ll have a better understanding of how it works, as seeing it in action makes the concept very clear.

Explanation of the Labouchere Roulette Method

The Labouchere Roulette method is designed to be used in bets in which you have a chance of winning close to 50%.

This means that you can use it to bet on the color red, black, high or low numbers, and even or odd. It is very important to remember that the Labouchere system is only useful for this type of bet.

To improve your chances of winning, you should use the Labouchere Roulette method on European Roulette and not on American Roulette, as the extra zero on the American version will reduce your chances of winning.

It is recommended that when you start playing you have a clear monetary objective in mind and that you use a pencil and paper to control the evolution of the game. Follow these steps to plan the Labouchere Roulette method:

First lap

Start with a number sequence. We’ll use 1 as the value in this example, so you’ll need to write


Each 1 represents a token and corresponds to your number of wins. If you play using this example, you would start playing with one tile and end the game with five tiles, so you would have won 4.

To calculate your first bet, you will have to add the first and last numbers of the series. In this case, that would mean that you have to bet 1 + 1, that is, 2 chips.

Second and third round

If you lose on the first spin, you will have to add the value of your last bet to the end of your sequence of numbers, so it would look like this:


Then, you would calculate your next bet by adding, again, the first and last numbers. This time, your bet would be 1 + 2, that is, 3 chips for the second round.

If you lose again, you’ll need to repeat this process of adding your loss number to the end of the sequence and then adding the first number to the last number to calculate your bet, so your sequence would look like this:


Here you should bet, then, 1 +3, that is, 4 chips.

Fourth lap

Let’s imagine that in the third round you win 4 chips. The Labouchere method, when you win, you must remove that number of tiles from your sequence by erasing the first and last number. As the sequence above was


And we eliminated the first 1 and the last 3, now it would remain


Here, again, you will add the first and last numbers to know how much to bet on the next bet. In this case, 1 + 2, that is, 3 tiles in total.

Fifth and sixth round

In this example, we imagine that you lose again in the fifth round. This means that you would add the number of tiles to the end of the sequence in the same way as you did above, so your numbers would look like this:


Your bet would be 1 + 3, or 4 chips.

You lose again and build the new sequence


Now, your bet would be 1 + 4, that is, 5 chips.

Seventh lap

This time, you are lucky and win. You have now gained 5 tokens, which was your original goal. You have successfully used the Labouchere Roulette method. You have won and left the table victorious.

If you wish to continue playing, simply start from the beginning with a new sequence of numbers and continue with the same progression. Just because we only used the number 1 in this example doesn’t mean you should be limited to just one tile.

You can build the sequence with any number you want. Just remember that each number will correspond to a fixed amount of chips and that you should always add the first and last numbers to know how much to bet.

We recommend that you start testing this system with a number sequence 1 and progress to more complicated sequences as you master the Labouchere Roulette method.

Try it on European Roulette at an online casino to make it easier to keep track of your bets and master the basics of this method.

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