Online roulette: its versions and the best strategies

Online casino games are one of the entertainment options par excellence among the Spanish public . They present a very wide range of options, but among all this offer one of the outstanding games is online roulette. It is becoming more and more popular and the number of fans of this century-old leisure option is increasing. In this sense, it is worth noting the migration of the activity to the virtual environment, where it is presented with various modalities on the same platform.

There are many virtual casinos that offer this game to their users, but among so many offers it is important to know how to highlight those most reputable websites and those that have the best evaluation by customers. Exactly for this reason it is advisable to listen to the expert opinions of platforms such as Oddschecker, specialized in comparing this type of web pages.

Online roulette and its most popular modalities

In the online world, unlike what could happen in physical game rooms, the different roulette modalities are presented at the same time so that the user can choose the one that best suits their taste or type of game . One of the most popular for classic is the European version, where players play from 37 to 1, with zero not included, and in which the casino profit margin is 2.7%.

It is also worth mentioning the other two modalities that accompany the European one due to its path towards popularity. One of them is the French one, which has two special rules: ‘le partage’ and ‘en prison’. These terms mean the opportunity for a player to have a minor loss should the ball land on the zero square. The third modality is American and is distinguished by the presence of the double zero in the box. It allows users to bet on zero and double zero offering prizes and not reserving it to the bank.

An aspect that should be commented with the rise of new technologies is that many online casinos offer their players the possibility of participating in roulette in real time, watching this tour live and with real professionals available through the screen. This detail is not insignificant, as it makes the user even more involved in the activity and presents a graphically rewarding experience.

Outstanding online roulette strategies

As we have commented before, roulette is a game with a great trajectory and there are many strategies related to its practice that have reached our days. There are names that will sound familiar to many, such as Martingale, which is about placing a bet in the normal way with the characteristic of continuously doubling it if you lose and thus be able to recover what you have lost when you win. This only happens in the case of bets that double the initial as the color or even or odd.

Fibonacci, apart from being an Italian mathematician, is also a very recurring strategy in this world. This advocates that the bets should follow a similar pattern and that, in case of loss, the player should continue to increase the bet following a sequence to make a profit. In the management of losses and profits there is also the strategy known as D’Alembert. It consists of betting a larger amount when losing and a smaller amount when winning. It is considered one of the safest strategies and one that involves less risk for the player.

There are a large number of strategies related to the world of online roulette and it is up to each player to put them into practice or simply let themselves be carried away by the intuition of each moment. In the previous paragraphs we have reviewed the three most popular ones, which have spread over the years and can be put into practice in the most popular game modalities that are presented in live casinos and, specifically, in the section of online roulette.

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