Paroli Roulette System

The Paroli Roulette method is a Roulette betting system that makes it possible to win large sums of money without having to bet large amounts. Compared to other Roulette systems, the Paroli method is considered a low-stress option, as it is very easy and straightforward once you have practiced it.

Therefore, this method of playing can be excellent for those players who want to have a good time and earn some money and experience at the Roulette table. Since you don’t make bets that are too big or complicated, you don’t need to worry too much if you miss a spin.

This is why many people prefer it over other methods such as Labouchere. Read on to learn more about the Paroli method and how it works.

Advantages of the Paroli Method

To understand the advantages of using the Paroli Roulette method, it is only necessary to pay a little more attention to the Labouchere Roulette method, which is one of the most commonly used Roulette systems.

With Labouchere, you basically have to double your bet every time you lose in order to win back two losses on one hit. Therefore, when you have a losing streak at the table, you will find yourself placing very large bets.

The Paroli Roulette method is the exact opposite of the Labouchere method. You will only increase your bets when you win. So you’ll only take a bigger risk when you win and you’re less likely to stress while playing.

Although the risk is lower in the Paroli Roulette method than in the Labouchere method, it is important to remember that it still exists. You may end up losing money, even if you apply the system correctly.

After all, Roulette is a game of chance. Still, many beginners find that they feel more relaxed and comfortable playing the Paroli Roulette system at online casinos.

The basics of the Paroli Method to play Roulette

With the Paroli Method, you can place any type of bet you want, although it is recommended that you focus on outside bets, which include red, black, low and high numbers, even and odd.

The first step to use the Paroli Method is to choose the initial bet. If you lose, you’ll just start over. When you win for the first time, you will leave your initial bet and what you won at the table. After your second hit, you will do the exact same thing.

You must maintain this pattern with each win. You’ll see your chips start to add up quickly when you’re on a hot streak.

In addition to setting an ante from the beginning, it is quite important to set how much you want to win in the game. This way, if you have a certain number in your head, you can stop playing and leave the table when you’ve reached it, without risking losing everything.

The Paroli Method in action

Let’s take an example of how the Paroli Method works.

  • You bet a chip on the color red.
  • During the first spin, the ball lands on red and you win another token. You now have 2 tiles on red.
  • You leave the two chips on the table, betting on what you want. In this case, you bet again on red.
  • You win again and now you have 4 chips on the table, which you will use to continue playing. Again you bet on red.
  • The ball lands red again and now you have 8 tiles. Since your original goal was to win 8 tiles, you take them. Now you can start everything from the beginning and continue playing or leave the table.

Now, let’s imagine that instead of winning in step 5, you had lost all 8 chips. It may seem very bad, but in reality only one of those chips was yours, so you will only have lost one chip of your own money.

Actually, you might lose a few times before you start winning with the Paroli Method. So while the biggest losses will be on the house, you may lose multiple times until you hit a hot streak that lets you rack up chips quickly.

It is important to monitor how much you are losing to avoid hitting your bankroll limit, regardless of whether you are playing in a “real” casino or an online casino. Some people prefer to imagine that the Paroli Method is like paying cash at the bank and then gradually getting this money back, as this idea helps them keep perspective while playing.

The mathematical foundations behind the Paroli System

One of the most difficult things for Paroli Method beginners is knowing for sure when to take your winnings and start over or stop playing. Partially, this is an individual decision.

Someone who is risk tolerant may want to keep gambling and take bigger risks in pursuit of a bigger profit than someone who just wants to win a little money without too much risk.

At the end of the day, the longer you leave money on the table, the more likely you are to lose it.

Let the math show you why.

When you place an outside bet, you have a chance of winning 18 in 37. That is, a little less than 50% (this is, of course, due to the existence of zero in European Roulette). In American Roulette, these odds are even lower, since this version has two green spaces: the zero and the double zero.

At a European Roulette table, to determine your odds of winning in each progression, you must divide 18/37 and multiply it by itself in each progression. In simple terms, in four progressions you will have a 5.6% chance of winning. This is what it would look like if you decide to bet a chip on each spin:

  • On the first spin, you have a 48.6% chance of winning and staying with 2 chips.
  • In the first progression, you will have a 23.6% chance of winning and staying with 4 tiles.
  • In the second progression, you will have a 11.5% chance of winning and staying with 8 tiles.
  • On the third progression, you will have a 5.6% chance to win and be left with 16 tiles.
  • On the fourth progression, you will have a 2.7% chance to win and be left with 32 chips.
  • On the fifth progression, you will have a 1.3% chance to win and be left with 64 tiles.

How to use the Paroli System

If you are going to play using the Paroli method in a “real” casino, it is a good idea to tell the dealer that you are going to use this system and let them know in advance how many progressions you want to make.

In this way, the dealer will leave your bets and continue playing until you have reached the desired number of progressions, so you don’t have to worry about carefully monitoring the evolution of each spin.

If you are playing in an online casino, your bet will disappear from the table every time you win, so you will have to put it back into play yourself. Taking advantage of the information from your previous win that appears on the screen can help you place your bets a little faster. If not, you can use a pencil and paper.

To get used to using the Paroli system, it’s a good idea to try it out at an online casino that allows you a few test plays after signing up.

Using the Paroli System in the long term

There are no guarantees of winning with any method of Roulette, but you can use the Paroli system to increase your chances of winning. Remember that the numbers we talked about above are only statistical information and not predictions about how the actual game may evolve.

If you want a simple and stress-free system to play Roulette in real casinos, the Paroli method can be a great idea. Give it a try and draw your own conclusions.

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