Play at Casino1 and take advantage of the free bonuses with Lucky689

Play at Casino1 online casino and take advantage of the free bonuses offered by its promotion Lucky689. Celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year with the best free bonuses and with firecrackers and fireworks where a 6, an 8 and a 9 are observed. Get up to 9% extra winnings on the winnings you get when you play the new slot machine from this Red Lion casino. With this fun slot machine you can have a lot of fun and also get a lot of winnings, thanks to its multiple pay lines and the various bonus rounds it offers.

Bet on Red Lion and get up to 9% free bonus

At Casino1 online casino you can get up to 9% extra profit on the winnings you get by betting real money on this casino’s new slot machine, Red Lion. Celebrate the Chinese year at this online casino and enjoy the free spins you can get thanks to the Lucky689 promotion. You only have to enter your user account in the online casino, locate the Red Lion slot machine in the casino games section and bet real money on it. Depending on the profits you make, you will get free bonuses; For example, if you get between 0 and 100 winning spins, with this promotion you will get a 6% bonus in free spins, on the winnings you have made. This means that if you get 50 winning spins, you will receive an additional 3 free spins. On the other hand, if you get between 100 and 200 winning spins, you will get with this promotion an extra 8% in free spins on the winnings obtained. And if you get between 200 and 300 winning spins you will receive an extra 9% bonus on free spins. These spins can also be used to play the Red Lion slot machine.

And what happens when you reach 300 winning spins?

When you reach 300 winning spins the levels reset and you will again get 6%, 8% and 9% extra bonus depending on the number of winning spins you get. This promotion is valid until March 25 and you can also enjoy other fun games in this online casino, such as European roulette.

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