The best casino scenes made into a movie

Casinos are magical places, environments where passion, emotion and chance are mixed. Those who know casinos know what we are talking about. Perhaps that is the reason why many of the most acclaimed film directors have included these gaming and betting environments, with their roulette wheels, slot machines and cards, in several of their films. Let’s recall here some of those movies where the best casino scenes have appeared.

The passion for the game from a screen

Who has not wanted to feel like James Bond before a roulette wheel or a game of poker? Who hasn’t wanted to be in the shoes of some of the members of the Ocean’s Eleven crew and feel the thrill of winning the house game? Today it’s possible to feel that same thrill of movies without ever leaving your home, with online gaming options like Live Roulette at Lowen Play.

Casino: an unmissable classic

Perhaps the best film that has been filmed on casino themes is the one that bears the name of “Casino”. Shot in 1995 by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci, the film shows the dark side of gambling in Las Vegas under the control of the mob. With this magnum opus by Scorsese, the casino is the main character that promotes violence, love and ambition. “Casino” is an unmissable classic that you must see now.

Casino Royal: between spies you see yourself

James Bond is the character of action, elegance, romance and play. In many of his films we have seen agent 007 in the middle of a poker game or betting on roulette while still moving. However, of all his filmography, which is abundant, one film in particular is dedicated to the world of gambling and that is “Casino Royal” from 2006. In “Casino Royal” the game that stands out in the plot is poker, because in one of the most intense scenes, Bond bets against the enemy at a table whose pot amounts to 115 million dollars. A game to die for suspense.

21 Blackjack: Cunning vs Chance

This film has the appeal of being based on a real life event. It tells the story of a group of college students from the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who use their knowledge of statistics and advanced mathematics to win at blackjack. Released in 2008 and starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, among others, this movie is a great dose of emotion and passion for blackjack.

The Pelayos: Spanish roulette

Spain has also given its contributions in terms of the representation of gambling and casinos in the cinema. Released in 2012, “The Pelayos” is a film directed by Eduard Cortés that tells the story of the García-Pelayo family, who devised a legal method to win more than 250 million euros in three years with roulette. Funny and sobering, this movie is worth watching.

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