Whittaker Roulette System

The Whittaker method is a roulette betting system that is quite similar to the Laboucher Roulette System, as both require you to examine previous bets before placing new ones.

However, this system is more like Fibonacci in that it uses a defined series of numbers. This system is sometimes also referred to as the Whittacker system.

How the Whittaker Method works

When playing the Whittaker method, you must lose twice before starting a progression. When that happens, you’ll need to add the sum of those two losses to determine how much you’ll need to bet next. For example, let’s say you started by betting $1. Your bets would look like this:

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

This is exactly the same sequence used in the Fibonacci strategy. This is because you started with a $1 bet. You can learn more about that system here.

An example of the Whittaker method in action

We’ll give you an example that uses $3 instead of $1. For this example, your number string would look like this:

3 3 6 9 15 24 39 63 and 102

This is how betting would work in this game:

  • You bet $3 and lose. You write a 3 on a piece of paper.
  • Your next bet will be 3 + 0, that is, $3. You lose again and write another 3 on your paper. Now it says 3 3.
  • Your next bet will be 3 + 3, that is, $6. You lose and write a 6 on your paper, which now reads 3 3 6.
  • Your bet will now be 3 + 6, that is, $9. You lose and write a 9. Now you have 3 3 6 9.
  • Your next bet will be 6 + 9 or $15. You lose and write a 15. Your paper now says 3 3 6 9 15.
  • Your next bet will be 9 + 15, that is, $24. You lose once more and score 24. You now have 3 3 6 9 15 24.
  • Your new bet is 15 + 24, that is, $39. You win and cross off the last two numbers, so your paper now reads 3 3 6 9 15.
  • Bets $15. You win and cross out the last two numbers. The paper now says 3 3 6.
  • Now you bet 6. You win again and cross out the last two numbers of the series. Now you only have 3.
  • You bet $3 and you win.

At the end of this example, you have won $3, moving back two positions in the sequence with each hit and moving forward one with each miss. Even though you lost many more times than you won, you still managed to win.

To take full advantage of this system, it is very important that you have a very clear objective about how much you want to win and how much you are willing to lose long before you even get to the table. Try the Whittaker system at an online casino and you will be able to master it quickly.

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